Becoming a Bird Dog

Here’s a little clip I took yesterday of the female pup I kept out of Daisy’s litter. I named her “West Mountain Sunny Days” (Sunny, good name huh, Andy :-)?).

She disappeared over the mountain and by the time I caught up, she was down the other side doing what she was supposed to be doing, finding birds!

The birds are paired up and holding pretty well. Our days for running on them are drawing to a close since they will begin nesting soon, but we’ve had a lot of good work on them this spring.

Sunny is an independent little bugger at almost 5 months old. I love how she moves through the country and I’m happy with how she’s coming along. Her tail isn’t real straight when she’s pointing (or completely still!) yet but that will come with maturity and confidence. The fact that she’s finding wild birds on her own and learning how to handle them is by far the most important thing.

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  1. Kim…Sunny’s gonna be a star…just like her folks! It’s fun to watch those pups learn with their noses! Cool video!Shawn

  2. Andy W. says:

    Kim, Thanks for sharing! That was impressive to see a young dog disciplined enough to not charge the birds after the first point. The fact that she relocated numerous times shows she is going to be a good one. Andy

  3. Kim Sampson says:

    Thanks, Shawn and Andy! I wish the video would have been clearer and minus all the wind but I was lucky to get what I got!Kim

  4. Kirklan says:

    Looks great Kim! I’ll be curious how some of these pups turn out. They seem to have a lot of natural ability. Raider (Sunny’s littermate) had his first point on some pen raised chukar last week while doing some bird intro work.

  5. Eric G says:

    Kim, I absolutely loved the video. Very impressive for five months, looks like it is definitely in her blood. Keep us updated.Eric

  6. Kim:Oh that I were 30 years younger! That looks like so much fun. After last year trekking about in the mountains with the Wayment clan I’ve dropped my expectation level way down. But I can live it through videos like this one with that wonderful puppy!Did you use a digital camera or a video camera? I am still learning this video thing and want to be able to take stuff in the one-two minute range so I can post it here. If digital, which is what I have, did you use the ‘compact mode?’ My Canon A590is has that and I think it will work. The snippet I put up of Pride retrieving was not compact so it took a bunch of MB’s.Sunny is going to give Daisy some competition this Fall.

  7. Dale Hernden says:

    Nice! Did you ever sell her brother?

  8. Kim Sampson says:

    Kirklan, I read about Raider on your blog (that I didn’t know about til the other day!), nice!! Natural ability is something that should come very easily to these pups…at least that’s what I’m counting on!Walter, I am kinda flying by the seat of my pants on most things having to do with photography. I read just enough of the owner’s manual to be dangerous! The camera I use is a digital (Panasonic Lumix TZ5) and I usually upload the pics and video I want to post in other places to Picasa then Photobucket. I found out that if the video is over 60 seconds, PB will not accept it, so I had to create a You Tube account and upload it there. Blogger seems to accept video of varying lengths without a problem. I don’t know if I used a compact mode or not…I changed the dial to “motion picture” and pushed the button!Dale, yes I sold Sunny’s brother.Kim

  9. Scolopax says:

    Hi Kim, Really enjoyed the video – and for someone who lives in a pretty wet place, it was amazing to see High Desert. It’s another world !.Looking forward to trying the chili.Scolopax.

  10. Kim:What chili? Are you holding out on us? What’s the recipe? I love chili! So do Shawn and Andy.Smile,Walter

  11. Kim: so many exciting things in that video! what a firecracker! I’m excited for you. I love this phase in a dog’s development.all bestAndrew

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