>Frosty Morn’n Happenings

>It Finally happened yesterday! Gretchen honored my Elhew Pointer while we were chasing quail in southeastern Colorado! I’ve been working with her all year, and she does great in mock situations but not in real life! What a sight for wind blown eyes! But…can she repeat it? I’ll find out this weekend in Kansas!

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  1. >My money is on Gretchen and congratulations. That’ll offer a little “pride pucker” for the trainer!

  2. Mike Spies says:

    >Gretchen is looking good, Shawn!Wish I was there, rather than seating in my office today.Mike

  3. >Thanks you guys! I’ll keep you post on Gretchen’s progress! We’re headed after gentleman bob tomorrow!Shawn

  4. Dale Hernden says:

    >That cover looks so inviting. All we see here is 2 feet of snow.Shawn, it doesn’t get any better….two really good dogs working together. Enjoy it.

  5. Deer Passion says:

    >Hey! Terry Scoville alerted me to your website, and I love it!! I’m from central Kansas and one of our favorite past times is hunting pheasant and quail. Once I give my hubby your website, I know he’ll be a regular reader! Good luck this weekend! Will be looking forward to reading more!

  6. Dual Setters says:

    >Congrats on the successful training. Watching pointing and backing is great. Great pictures as usual.

  7. >Shawn: it’s so great when a plan comes together! Hope you had fun with with the quail.bestA.

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