>Hunting Quail with Sterling

>Ms Ellie did it again! She tried to catapult herself over a 4-foot barbed wire fence! Bummer!!

Gretchen with a sundowner covey! It was 60 degrees at 4:30 p.m.

Old farm implements make for great quail hang outs!
Nice Tail! Gretchen on a single
Sterling’s BJ becomes a quail dog!
Strong human-animal bond! Sterling praising BJ for such a fine job!

I figured that Gretchen had a hen pheasant nailed…I about had a coronary when a 20 bird covey exploded in front of her! I’ll stop chasing bird dogs when a covey flush doesn’t stop my heart!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. sorniefamily says:

    >I love your quail stories. Where can I get me one of those Countin’ Quail stickers?Ryan

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >Love the pictures!Where is that great looking cover?Dale

  3. >Hi Dale…That’s walk-in’s in Kansas!It’s great bird cover!Shawn

  4. Dale Hernden says:

    >Next year for sure……I’ll meet you there!

  5. BlacknTan says:

    >Yikes!!I’m sure glad we Eastern boys don’t have much barbed wire to deal with!! Best to the pup!

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