>Tumble Weeds…Pointin’ Dogs in South Eastern Colorado


Yesterday came with long anticipation! I had to get the holidays over in order to get the girls back into wild bird country. The holidays have come and gone, and we survived! Now on to more important things like pointing dogs and birds…scaled quail to be exact! Tumble Weeds is a lame title, but that’s how I’ll remember this day. The day started out with a nice warm breeze from the south, but as it progressed the wind turned Arctic. I kept thinking to myself that I should pick up one of the weeds rolling across the prairie and sale it on eBay!

I spent the day with my friend and client, Rob Warne. Rob’s dogs are awesome…Kate’s new name is Motating Kate! GPS had her 750 yards away from us in a half second flat! If there’s a better way to spend a day (including Arctic winds) with birds and pointing dogs, I’m not aware of it! I’d rather be out with my dogs than anything else (period).

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