>Death of a Quailsman

>Addiction is a bad analogy…but that’s what I’m afflicted with when it comes to gentleman bob! I’m off work tomorrow and can’t get the adrenaline rush from a covey rise out of my veins…so, I’m headed to north central Kansas tonight to chase quail tomorrow just for the day. That’s a 10 hour round trip drive just for the possibility of a single covey rise! Just one more…that’s all I need!This is an Eldridge Hardie print entitled November Covey Rise

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  1. Mntmaniac says:

    >Shawn…I completely understand your addiction for the covey rise, ‘cept mine is for Partridge. I drove 45 mins tonight to hunt for an 1 1/2 in 30+mph winds just to see a rise. We got three rises all together. It was worth it! Good luck tomorrow.

  2. >Wouldn’t any normal person do this? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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