>Glorious Kansas

>Glorious Kansas…the girls and I had an incredible day in North Central Kansas! The weather was perfect for bird chasing! I survived the 645 miles of hard road…but, it was worth every minute! We moved 8 nice coveys of quail and had plenty of opportunity to bag a few long-tails. 7 coveys were pointed by my setter (Gretchen) and pointer (Gep) and Ellie my FBEC found the 8th covey hiding under a plum thicket!
This is what ideal Kansas quail habitat looks like! Plum thickets galore!
Double…two birds dead in the air at the same time!
Ellie’s turning into a great retriever!
Gretchen nails a single in some CRP!
Gretchen Takes 5
Thank Heavens for water!

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  1. Eric Garner says:

    >Shawn,Great pics. I think 645 miles was worth it. Eric

  2. >You might invite your friends to go with you. You could just drive over here and get me. If 645 miles is okay, why not add another 2200 for a round trip to the left coast? I mean, c’mon, is it nice to leave a friend out?

  3. >Shawn: the bad news is that I don’t think you can treat your addiction with antibiotics. Looking forward to hopefully showing you some ruffed grouse next fall.A+M+M+J

  4. >Walter and Andrew…You’re always welcome to hunt with me!Eric…Jan. cagey ringnecks are true trophies!Andrew…I hope to chase grouse next Fall with you!

  5. sorniefamily says:

    >Shawn,Nice combo! Bob’s and Roosters. I haven’t had the opportunity to hunt Bobwhites yet. Someday! Looks like you had a great trip.Ryan

  6. Kim Sampson says:

    >Very nice, Doc! You’re livin’ the good life!Kim

  7. Dale Hernden says:

    >Next year for sure!!!!

  8. Mike Spies says:

    >Shawn, good to see you’re getting out a bit. I must have missed by chance to see you this Fall – snow drove us out of Montana by a northers route (Lolo Pass) and I finished the trip in NE Oregon. Your pictures are excellent. Wanna do a photography seminar for us bloggers?Mike

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