New Additions

Just thought I’d report the arrival of 10 new Pointer pups born yesterday morning. Big thanks to Dr Shawn for all his help and support over the last couple of months, it was much appreciated! I’ll get some more pictures up but here’s a good one we got yesterday of Daisy and two of the pups:


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  1. Kim…Cute picture! Congrats on the pups!Shawn

  2. Kim: oh lordy, great pic! congratulations on the new additions!A+M+M+J

  3. Kim, Lucky!!! Those puppies are so dang cute. I am weakened by their cuteness. Andy

  4. Kim Sampson says:

    Hey, thanks guys! It’s been Christmas in Oct. around here :-). Unfortunately, we lost one of the females last night. She had a hard time from the beginning and never did gain any strength. I feel bad but also understand Mother Nature and the mother dog know a lot more about these things than I do. Will be adding pictures occassionally if no one minds :-).Kim

  5. Kim…We’d love to watch them grow!Sorry to hear about the little girl!

  6. Dale Hernden says:

    What is their breeding? Can’t wait to see more pictures!CongratulationsDale

  7. Kim Sampson says:

    Thanks, Dale. Here's a link to some more info, including pedigrees, on the litter:

  8. Kim:How are the little rascals, growing like weeds, I pray?Walter

  9. Kim Sampson says:

    They are doing great, Walter. Took them in for dewclaws and a check up on Sat. It’s amazing how much they change from day to day!Kim

  10. Kim:I can just imagine a trip to the vet with 9 puppies and Daisy. I sure hope you have plenty of volunteers among your kids. Sounds like a three ring circus!Walter

  11. Kim Sampson says:

    Yeah, circus pretty much describes it! Even more fun was picking up one of our other dogs who was already at the vet getting a bunch of stitches. She ran into something while pheasant hunting earlier that morning and had a nasty laceration on her front leg. I think we accounted for most of the clinic’s business that day!Kim

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