>All Good Things Must Come To an End…and other Fables

My last day of blue grouse hunting was last week. A gorgeous autumn day that makes me thankful to be alive and apart of the Colorado Uplands. The dogs and I moved two grouse at 10,000 plus feet, but I was a ways behind and just watched them sail gracefully to the distant canyon floor! The setter was mesmerized by the blue bombers as they escaped from predation! I sure love those birds! The dogs and I learned a lot about reverse migration of the blues this season and what to watch for in terms of seasonal diet and habitat.
Colorado Blue Grouse Country at it’s Finest!
Now it’s on to a new chapter of our lives!

Buzz bombs…those explosive hand’s-full-of-feathers that can make a fool out of you and leave you shaking your head darn near every time!


This weekend will take me deep into Kansas Quail Country in search of “Just One More Covey Rise“…I’m a confessed COVEY JUNKIE (with no chance of reforming)! More to come in the not so far future!

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >Have a great time in Kansas. I thought it was the first weekend of December??? I was still thinking about coming out then too!Dale

  2. >Shawn, I’m jealous that you get to go quail hunting in Kansas! You gotta love Havilah Babcock’s motto when it came to hunting and fishing: “Work hard and quit suddenly.” I hope you and your bird dogs follow that to the letter and have a blast this weekend. Andy

  3. >That’s an awesome picture of the grouse tracks. You’ve had some good trips already this fall.We made do with chasing ditch-chickens this morning. I think the elevation was around 491ft.bestA+M+M+J

  4. >yea I am jealous too. I used to hunt Mtn. Quail when I lived in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. I love that covey action, fast and furious. Here’s to wishing you a great trip.

  5. >Terry…Thanks for your comments! I love your blog!I’ve never hunted mtn quail but plan to do it in the near future!Andy…I love Havilah Babcock’s writing! It’s definately worth reading!Andrew and Dale…I’d love to show you both some Kansas quail action! It’s fairly good this year in certain areas!Shawn

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