>Dr. Grouse Dogs Gets Educated or The October Blues


Yesterday was my final day out in Colorado blue grouse country. It was a beautiful fall day and the weather was perfect for a listening walk with the bird dogs. I started out at 10,500 ft in the dark timber and took a large male grouse over a breath taking point by my tailless Elhew Pointer Gep! She still makes my heart skip a beat!

I decided to try a different location at a lower elevation…so we slowly bumped our way down to the 9,000 ft elevation and more of a mixed forest. By-golly the grouse were there! I found good grouse cover and loads of berries at this lower elevation. It was a great day all around! Excellent dog work and plenty of grouse to keep me going even though I never fired another shot! I’ll be dreaming of Colorado October Blues until next year!

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  1. >Shawn, Sweet post! I actually went in and enlarged each of the pictures. That is a beautiful area you were hunting. I tried to see the grouse that Gep was pointing, but couldn’t see anything. I can’t wait to hunt with you next week. Andy

  2. Matt Ortiz says:

    >Shawn,It looked like a great day up there. I’m sure it was fun time!See with a little hard work you can fund blue’s in October!Matt

  3. Dual Setters says:

    >Sounds like a great trip. Love the pics.

  4. Dale Hernden says:

    >Glad to hear Gep is back at it. Sounds like a great day!

  5. >Well done, Shawn! Beautiful countryside indeed. And it’s always a thrill to be surprised by our dogs.bestA+M+M+J

  6. Mntmaniac says:

    >Fantastic pictures Shawn…I miss that country in Colorado, thanks for a great post.

  7. >Thanks for all your comments! It was a great day…and I learned something new about October Blue Grouse! Go to where the food is and you’ll find grouse! I can’t wait for next fall already…guess I have to start chasing quail!Shawn

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