The Winter 2011/2012 Issue of The Upland Almanac.

Greetings all. This afternoon, I checked my email and saw the new cover for the Winter Issue of The Upland Almanac. I’m excited to announce that my article, “Discovering Tinkhamtown” regarding the story behind the classic story is featured in this issue.

The fact that this article is getting published is exciting in and of itself. However, the renowned sporting artist Bob White, contributed the artwork for this article. For me, this is a dream come true! I’ve admired Bob White’s work for quite some time. Bob has worked with some of the greatest outdoor writers of our day including John Gierach, Ted Nelson Lundrigan, and William G. Tapply. For a beginning writer, it is indeed an honor to work with someone of Bob White’s caliber. I’m excited to share this article with others.

In my opinion, The Upland Almanac is one of the best magazines out there for the upland hunting enthusiast. While other magazines address certain aspects of our great sport, The Upland Almanac is the most well-rounded. Check it out!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Great mag, great blog. keep it up!

  2. Andy this is great! We all loved Corey Ford and Tinkhamtown is a masterpiece of the upland genre. Congrats! Wish I could be in Idaho with you and Shawn this week but legs don't go anymore. Thankful for what I have though with our hunting club here.

  3. Chris Hunt says:

    Dude! Congrats! That's awesome!

  4. Andy W. says:

    Thanks all. I believe the Winter edition of the Upland Almanac is out as of yesterday. Check it out1Andy

  5. Will I be able to pick up a copy at a Barnes and Noble?

  6. Josh, I saw it on the racks at our local Barnes & Noble last week. It should be there. I hope you enjoy!

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