Sangre de Thomas

Greenbacks have been on retired veterinarian Tom’s mind for the past 5 years.   Greenbacks on brush-choked-dead-fall-log-jammed backcountry streams like described in John Gierach‘s books.  Bushwhacking his way to find those secretive Colorado gems and taking them stealthily on delicately placed dries tied by his own hands.  Easy?  Not if you have multiple sclerosis (MS).  Tom was diagnosed in 2005, and his fishing has been limited to fishing where the footing is stable or from boats.  Tom’s bucket list has included adding the greenback cutthroat to his species of a lifetime list.  Tom contacted me last summer about it, and I explained to him how extremely dense and difficult it is for me to move on Can’t Tell Ya Creek.  Tom took that as an I double-dog dare ya and began doing cross fit workouts 3 times a week which paid off!  We spent 6 hours on the creek and Tom caught several very nice greenbacks and brookies.  It was not easy for Tom, as he had to crawl over boulders and logs that I could step over.  Tom climbed out of the creek bottom with blood on his arms and legs…but grinned with satisfaction.  He christened my favorite creek Sangre de Thomas


Enjoy the smiles!

It’s grouse season!  We’ve made it, and we’ll live to see the leaves change and the dogs on point…

Setter Feathers…

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