>A Tale of Two Temperatures

>My brother Andy (the poet) and I spent the last weekend of the bird season on the Kansas prairie in the company of bobwhite quail. The weather was great…great…great, if you want to hit 18 holes. It was too warm for bird dogs in pursuit of our favorite game bird (or at least mine). We moved some cubby coveys but had a difficult time relocating the birds for singles work. We dined on some incredible Mexican food (to die for) and listen to some great tunes while we roamed across the Sunflower State. We were informed while visiting that it was Kansas’ 150th year anniversary from gaining statehood…what an appropriate way to celebrate Kansas by chasing birds with birddogs…with setter feathers!

The ol’ saying of be careful for what you wish for came true on the very last day of the season. Gary, Scott and myself traveled at o’Dark-30 to one of my favorite spots on the Colorado prairie to see if we could enjoy one more covey rise. Scaled quail in some of the most beautiful habitat is where we found ourselves and our amped up bird dogs. However, the temperature tides had changed. It was COLD! Wind chill in the minus numbers and a white knuckled drive back to Denver…but Man was it worth it! We found 3 very nice coveys after 4 hours of brutal wind. Great dogs and better companions!

I’m heart broken to see it come to a halt…what a season it was! For the next few months, I have to redeem myself and renew my acquaintances! I’m sorry for being gone so much!

My fly gear has been missing me!

Setter Feathers…

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  1. >Drop down south a bit and hit Tejas with us one more time. You can't quit yet! Great pictures.

  2. >I think you and your Poet brother "Andy, should put a book out. Andy could do the poetry and you provide the pics. Something on the lines of My Best Hunts, or The 10 top bird hunts of a life time. You could even combine your blogs! Just an idea for something to do in the off season! Wouldn't want you to go stir crazy. ha ha

  3. Rod says:

    >That last day sure was cold! The wind is what was the killer.

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