>A View From the Kansas Prairie

>The remaining days of the bird season are coming to an end. I’ve enjoyed following my bird dogs across the Kansas prairie and dream of setter feathers in the wind and the roaring whirr of a 50 birder erupting from the short grass…organized-chaotically escaping. It’s been a grand season. My dogs are thin and worn, but eager companions ready for one more weekend at war.

God, definitely in His Devine Wisdom, made bird dogs tough! Tough they are, and ready to spend the last five days of glorious January in pursuit of the feathered creatures they covet…Quail! (I hope they don’t dream of the br’er bunnies that routinely speed away unscathed!)

Photos have become more important to my endeavors than the weight of my Filson bag at the end of day…after covering miles and miles of prairie…for just one more covey rise.

Our motto forever remains, “Quail are for counting & pheasants are for killing!”

Setter Feathers…

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  1. jeff says:

    >Great pics, Doc.

  2. >Great pics Doc, I always feel like it is a place I've been when reading your post or pictures. Beautiful dogs!

  3. >That's cool Shawn. Terrific photos! Give em hell when your brother shows up. I had a great time chasing brown rockets with you in KS!

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