>Grouse Vigilantes

>I just love chasing blue grouse in September here in colorful Colorado. The trick is discovering at what altitude the grouse are residing on the day you’re chasing them as they migrate to the higher elevations for winter. I found the coveys at 9,754 ft yesterday still in the wide-open sage and buck brush feeding on berries and left over bugs. Boot leather and grouse dogs are the most reliable means of finding grouse…unless of course you’re elk hunting or hiking or doing anything other than searching for the blues.

Here are some photos from the past weekend…the mountains are gorgeous now, so get your grouse dogs and head to the high country. I’ll see ya there!

Setter Feathers…

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  1. >Beautiful pictures, Shawn! As ever, I envy you that kind of space (and apparently weather) to go chase grouse. Sadly, we'll need to wait nearly a month to go chase their cousins up here in the mixed woods.all bestAndrew

  2. JimK says:

    >Looks like you had another grand day, Shawn. Fabulous views, happy dogs and, good eats for the pot! Can't beat it

  3. >Nice pics Shawn. Love to see that high tail on the dogs!

  4. >Cool pics Shawn. Ortiz and I went out yesterday to get a little redemption from my last two outings. Our late season grouse adventure was awesome and filled with some giant birds.What's at the lower end of that two barrel gun of yours? You know, it's a crime not to show off your wood (tee hee!), rule number one in the awesomer gun photography school of coolness manual. Nice to meet a sxs enthusiast.

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