Two flat tires in one day of grouse hunting…what are the odds? Any day in the grouse woods with bird dogs is special despite the tire fiascos. We searched high and low in text-book perfect blue grouse habitat, but never saw a grouse! We didn’t care, it was a great weekend to be alive in the Colorado Rockies! Here are a few photos from the Labor Day weekend…

Setter Feathers…

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  1. Tim Spach says:

    >I hit my favorite spot over Labor Day weekend with nary a bird contact. Are the Blues down this year or perhaps the cold front moving through kept them close to dark timber? Hard to say with these mysterious birds.

  2. >The scales always swing at some point my friend. Your two flats are sure to bring about better fortune soon. The pheasant numbers in CO are higher than ever recorded according to the DOW. I've had pretty good luck on Blues this year (refuse to use the term Dusky). It's those darn other early species that are troubling me.

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