>Colorado Blues & other Blogger Happenings

>What’s better than opening day in the Colorado Rockies with bird dogs in tote? Not much! 70 degrees and blue bird skies with a slight cool September breeze was the perfect weather to kick off the grouse season. The morning started with my alarm going off at 2 am. A whorl-wind commute through the mountains to grouse country at a mere 10,390 feet. Miles and boot-leather along with awesome dog work aided in finding several coveys of blue grouse in God’s country not far from the ol’ Grand River. I was very pleased with my bird dogs. Grouse were pointed and retrieved like seasoned veterans. I plan to spend as much time as possible in blue grouse country…hopefully I won’t lose my job…but, I sure could chase a lot of birds being unemployed!

This season I’m demo’n DT System’s SPT 2432 training/locator collars . So far, I am very pleased with DT System’s professionalism and their support staff is second to none! I’m looking forward to utilizing these collars in Colorado, Idaho and Kansas. Keep posted as I learn how to employ the many features of these awesome collars!

In other blogger happenings, I wanted to tell my readers about my good friend Julian’s new blog. Julian is a true wordsmith and an awesome craftsman. Check out Julian’s woodwork and enjoy his writing!

Have a great Fall and remember that your bird dog’s safety should always be priority NUMBRE UNO!

See ya in the grouse woods…

Setter Feathers…

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  1. >Thank you. Got a little tear in the corner of my mind's eye. My only advice to all of you is do this stuff now, while you can. No excuses, no prevarication, just get out and do it. It all goes by so fast.Thank God for birds, dogs and friends.

  2. >Footnote: Ellie is the most photogenic cocker there ever was. What a poser/ham! she is. And with a heart as big as a washtub.

  3. Dale Hernden says:

    >Congratulations on a great opening and the start of a new season. Keep us posted.

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