Run for you life, the Perro del Diablo is on the Loose!
This week marks a huge change in my family. We brought home Misty, our new Brittany pup, on Monday and let’s just say it has been interesting ever since. After eight years with no puppies, I have forgotten what a challenge they really are. They chew on everything including little children. My wife says, “If you want to know where Misty is, follow the cries of terror!” That pretty much sums up our week.

Nothing is safe in our house . . . Nothing!

All I can say is I am grateful for three things: (1) that we have kennels, because little puppies need to be incarcerated every once in a while; (2) that puppies are so dang cute or they wouldn’t last a day because of their shenanigans; and (3) that puppyhood only lasts for a short time. I keep telling myself there is a birddog in there somewhere!

Last night as I stayed up with the yipping little terror, I decided to give this perro del diablo a new name, “Misty with a Chance of Meatballs.” You can pretty much read into that whatever you want because it is probably all applicable.
Good thing she eventually runs out of steam. When she is not biting the heck out of you, she is actually really cute.

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  1. Oh Andy! She is so danged cute. I don't dare let Joanne see this post otherwise we, that is Pride and I, are in deep trouble.You must keep a puppy journal on her so we can all share in the joy, and occasional howls of rage.Congratulations!

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    Cute….very cute. My wife Lizzie has often wished that puppies were more like children and not get their first tooth until their 6-9 months old.Have fun.

  3. If you give Misty her own basket or box of toys, it may help. Every time you catch here chewing something she shouldn't, you take it away, redirect her attention, and replace it with something in her basket. If you are persistent, and have your wife and kids do the same thing, pretty soon Misty will go to her basket for something to chew on. Having a good variety of textures helps. Adorable puppy, good luck.

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