>Pointin’ Dogs & Frozen Prairie

>Howling-windswept-minus-10-degrees-Kansas-prairie is where I just returned from. You know even if it’s miserable and bird-less and you have bird dogs, you’re gonna go! I adore Kansas and the prairie life. A few of my very favorite things are meeting the locals in town and sampling the gourmet dinning…breakfast is my favorite! January birds are combat veterans and know how to escape & evade…each bird in the ol’ Filson poke is earned with sweat, dog-blood, and tears…from the dust in the eyes!

Sterling was gracious enough to allow Mark & Paul Kastler and myself to stay at his Kansas home for 4 days. We found a few birds…along with the license plates from every state in the lower 48! The highlights of the trip were the great company, table fare, dogs on point, Mark’s new pup’s first point, and the pretzels we had while watching the BCS title game in the local pub! Below are some photographs of our trip. Thank heavens my camera didn’t freeze up! My fingers are still thawing out!

See ya on the Kansas prairie!

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Those spurs on that pheasant are the stuff of nightmares!!! I wish I could have been there with you. Andy

  2. >Welcome back. Glad you survived the rigors of winter on the Plains. Those who haven't done it have no idea what it's like. You are one tough dude!

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