>Tis the Season to be Gunning…

>Sterling and I met up with JD this morn’ and with bird dogs in tote, we headed to quail country…cholla-cactus-choked-scaled-quail-stick-stab-&-jab ya country.

JD brought his beloved setter Folsom with us…Folsom has a tragic story with a miracle happy ending! JD and his father were hunting birds in Montana about 8 weeks ago. They were rear ended by a Canadian semi-truck. Folsom was in a dog crate in the shell covered back of JD’s Toyota Tacoma when the 18 wheeler slammed into them. The rear end was crushed and JD’s two canine partners were thrown from the Tacoma. Folsom was MIA for 9 days in harsh Montana Winter conditions…and he was presumed deceased. Folsom escaped the incident with only a strained patellar ligament. Folsom and his sister were extremely lucky as were JD and his father!

We had a great day with awesome dog work!

Gep on a covey

JD with Folsom

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy W. says:

    >Shawn, Love the post and great pictures. Andy

  2. >Great day Doc! Thought you were gonna' chase pheasants too out there.Looks like it was cold. Brrr.

  3. >Glad to hear Folsom's story — and great pictures of that dog, of all the dogs, in action! As ever, my boys and I are jealous of your wild west adventures!Andrew

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