Follow this link to print a form to obtain a free, one year membership to the National Rifle Association.(Copy and paste it into your browser URL box.)

It is our ONLY defense against the anti-gun crowd. For some reason, a number of bird hunters I have met don’t belong, they don’t see themselves as part of the gun-owning class. Don’t ever think that! We are just as threatened as the guy who likes to shoot high-powered rifles or big-bore handguns. The “anti’s” are now banning ammo as much as possible where they have been stopped in the outright control or ban of guns. Legislation proposed in California is positively Draconian! All across the country gun clubs are being forced to close, usually because of some wacky environmental concerns. In most cases, only the NRA has the legal capability to get in the way of this juggernaut bearing down on us all and our right to enjoy and own firearms.

Please check it out. There is no obligation, just sign up. Hopefully, many of you who do will continue as paid members after a year. I have been a member for over 40 years; my wife is a member. Without the NRA we wouldn’t have any guns today, or darned few.

In God We Trust!

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  1. jeff says:

    Walter, I'm sorry that it took me so long to come back and thank you, but I did follow the link and got my free membership, and will diligently renew, henceforward.I had been a believer that certain liberties could really never be threatened, the 2nd amendment chief among those. The agendas of this current administration, coupled with the majority party's having been completely pirated by world socialism, has changed my mind.Thanks for the heads-up. Keep up the good work.Jeff

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