My brother Shawn recently teased me about being addicted to fly-fishing (See Shawn’s recent post at http://www.birddogdocschronicles.blogspot.com). I must admit that his accusation is entirely true . . . I am a hopeless addict! Not an hour goes by, where I do not think about rivers and fishing. The sickness is called “Trout Madness.” How many of you suffer from this desirable disease?

In Trout Madness, the late Robert Travers (John Voelker), the famous author of the best-selling novel, The Anatomy of a Murder, described this incurable affliction:

The true trout fisherman is like a drug addict; he dwells in a tight little dream world all his own, and the men about him, who he observes obliviously spending their days pursuing money and power, genuinely puzzle him, as he doubtless does them. He prides himself on being an unbribed soul. So he is by way of being a philosopher, too, and sometimes he fishes not because he regards fishing as being so terribly important but because he suspects that so many other concerns of men are equally unimportant. Under his smiling coat of tan there often lurks a layer of melancholy and disillusion, a quiet awareness– and acceptance– of the fugitive quality of man and all his enterprises. If he must chase of will-o’-the-wisp he prefers that it be a trout. And so the fisherman fishes. It is at once an act of humility and small rebellion. And it is something more. To him his fishing is an island of reality in a world of dream and shadow . . . .

For those afflicted with Trout Madness, I’m sure that you would agree that Mr. Travers hit the nail right on the head. Who cares about money and power when there are fish to be caught? Fortunately for us, there is no cure.

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  1. Eric G says:

    Andy we must be related or something because I couldn't agree more. Who cares about money when there are fish to be caught? I love it!

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    A neighbor, just downstream from LoBank is a retired Federal judge. He grew a pony tail and and put an earring in his left earlobe. He threw away all his suits and ties and discarded all remnants of his conventional life. He has the most severe case of trout madness I've ever seen.Judge Diodore is my hero and emulating him is my fondest dream.

  3. Andy W. says:

    Dale, Interesting. . . John Voelker was a Michigan Supreme Court Judge and he gave it up to pursue his addiction: Fly-fishing. Judge Diodore definitely has it bad. I can see how these men in the legal profession gave it all up for something much better. Good on them!Andy

  4. Where do I sign up? I'm ready to do nothing but pursue bird dogs and big trout! Dog-trout-madness! That's what I got!

  5. Andy W. says:

    Shawn, With bird hunting, it should be called "Bird Brains." I'm right there with you bud. Andy

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