>Havilah’s November Health Program

>If you haven’t ever read any of Havilah Babcock’s stories, you should include them on your bucket list! He was a master storyteller and professor of English by trade–eventually the head of the English Department at the University of South Carolina. Havilah was a transplant to South Carolina by way of Virginia…which suited him well because the finest bird hunting to be found was in the low land country of Carolina!

True to Dr. Babcock’s Rx…My health is most certainly better during bird season…actually it’s September through January for me! I might be able to extend it into February if I travel to Texas or Arizona to chase the bird dogs a little more. I’m counting the days to September…

Until September, there’s fly fishing! My brother Andy and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on this subject, but fishing is something one does when it’s not bird dog season!

(Side note here—My family accuses Andy of needing a shrink for his fly fishing obsession…or what some my call a neuroses…but, I’m not one to point fingers or place any blame…as far as I know, he goes to church every Sunday and some how makes it to work daily! I’m not without sin, so I won’t be throwing any proverbial stones! DUCK!)

Anyways…the Platte River with Tim on Father’s Day was smoking! I even forgot about my aches and pains for the two-something-hours I was fighting the current and chasing rainbow dreams! Mayflies and caddis will forever be on my mind!

The Father’s Day Rainbow over the gorgeous South Platte River valley…leads to a different pot of gold!

The view from Tim’s Cabin of the South Platte River
Tim’s Cabin…it’s a tough life, but someone’s got to do it!

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Shawn, For me, fly-fishing and bird hunting are just two sides of the same coin. They both cause nueroses (is that the plural form?). What's bad is when you are addicted to them both like we are! It's hopeless, there is no cure (thank goodness!). Andy

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >The Platte looks like big water but all the pictures show knee deep. Or, were you just standing in the shallow parts?Is the bottom rocky or sand?Glad you had a good fathers day.

  3. >Dale…I hope you had a great Father's Day too! There are some very deep parts…it looks deep right now because of the Spring runoff. The bottom is sandy in some areas and rocky in others. It's traditionally been a midge bottom fishery size 20 to 22 nymphs on a double rig. I couldn't believe all the flies we saw! You'd have loved it!

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