The Next Generation

Well, Daisy’s pups are old enough to start going to their new homes and although sad to see them go, I’m excited for the many new adventures that await them. One of the pups went to Arizona (actually another one is going as well but not til Jan.) and has already accompanied her owner/handler/trainer/friend on a Gambles quail hunting trip. Okay, Steve isn’t shooting birds over her yet but she had a ball with this wounded quail someone in the hunting party knocked down. Her name is Tana:

Here’s hoping she and her littermates have frequent days afield and provide their owners with many years of enjoyment!


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  1. Wow Kim…A future covey dog in the makings! I wish I had one of those pups!Shawn

  2. Kim, I am so glad to see a new post. It has been too long for all of us. Your puppies are beautiful. I hope they all go to diehard hunters who will love and cherish them. Best regards, Andy

  3. Kim Sampson says:

    Thanks Shawn and Andy. I’m really looking forward to watching these pups grow and develop. Each one is like a package or gift that hasn’t been opened yet…most of the thrill is in the discovery of what’s inside!Kim

  4. Dale Hernden says:

    Steve’s smile says it all………..Tana will have a happy home I’m sure. Hopefully all of her brothers and sisters will be loved and appreciated as much as Tana.Dale

  5. Kim Sampson says:

    Thank you, Dale. I hope so too!Kim

  6. Kim: must be hard to see them go, but I’m sure getting some of your time and space back is appreciated. And yes, it is so great to see the young ones doing what comes naturally to them. Still can’t get used to those funny-looking Western quail; looks like Tana’s gotten used to them pretty quick though.Happy New YearA+M+M+J

  7. Kim Sampson says:

    Andrew, yes it’s hard to see them go and I only hope and pray I found good homes for them! It’s pretty sobering to think I am responsible for bringing those pups into the world and their fate is determined by my decisions, but I couldn’t feel better about the people who have opened their lives and homes to the little squirts. Best to you and your family for a happy and prosperous New Year! It’s going to be tough to top all the success you’ve had in ’08 but I’m sure you will have fun trying!Kim

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