>Tale of the Two Bands

>I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than chase birds with biddable pointing dogs! Yesterday I met Sterling Monroe (a client and friend of mine) here in town, and we headed to scaled quail country for the day. We had a beautiful Colorado day with long-sleeve weather…and a decent lunch with a thermos of coffee to enjoy. Enjoy we did! We found a few birds as a bonus for the day! Sterling had never hunted with pointing dogs before (he’s a die-hard Lab guy), and my girls didn’t disappoint…Sterling was able to connect on two scalies…both of which were banded by the DOW. What a great day afield…

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  1. Mntmaniac says:

    >Banded Scalies….thats really cool Shawn…good work!

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >Shawn, what’s the large object in the first picture? It looks like like the remains of a large plane.Is that what Colorado calls an objective?

  3. >Dale…That is an objective! Actually, it’s a silo that was crushed by a storm! Scaled quail love old buildings and such!

  4. Matt Ortiz says:

    >Shawn,Good stuff. How surprised were you when you say the bands?!Matt

  5. >Matt…Wish you could have gotten away from work! We had a nice day on Thursday! Next week I’m headed back to KS to chase bobwhites for a couple of days! Sterling is gracious enough to allow me to stay at his house out there! Sterling was so excited about the two banded birds that he’s gonna have them both mounted!

  6. >I need to get a job like that! Work a couple of days, drive a bazillion miles, shoot some wild birds over some great dogs, repeat ad infinitum. I have no doubt you earned it, Shawn, just jealous 8-).Have fun.A+M+M+J

  7. >Andrew…It’s a rough life, but someone’s got to do it!!!!! My dogs are doing so awesome this year! They are the ones that deserve it! Besides…there’s no ring on my finger!!!!!!!which has its +’s and -‘s x8-)You’re always welcome to join me…but, it may fray or strain your relationships! Just don’t blame me (or let Karen read this)!Shawn

  8. Mntmaniac says:

    >Shawn….I may be traveling through KS and OK next week. Do you think I'll have much luck finding Bobs on public land in N& S central KS? Dont want to kill a bunch of birds, just stretch the dogs legs while on the road and get them some bird contacts.

  9. >i really enjoy reading about your travels and all the birds. two banded Quail, wow! Glad to hear their getting mounted. If you can let us see them when they’re done. Thanks for the great photos too!

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