GunDog Central Article & Coronavirus in Pets Update


The world today is nuckingfuts! This isn’t a political blog, but I’ve been thoroughly entertained with the primaries. Being a smooth-bore fanatic, I tend to vote for the people who support our second Amendment Constitutional rights.

Enough on that subject.

Below are a couple links. The first is a GunDog Central article I recently wrote Gun Dog Central Article and the other is a piece on my work website about the Coronavirus in companion animals

Soon it’ll be time to throw dries at rising trout and time to chase gobbling turkeys in my beloved Sangre de Cristos.

Setter Feathers

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dale Hernden says:

    Thanks for the virus info. Always glad to hear from you

    1. birddogdoc says:

      Thanks Dale. I hope all is well. I miss you!

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