As many of you already know, I am a ruffed grouse fanatic and love the excellent literature on grouse and grouse hunting. My favorite grouse hunting authors are Burton Spiller, Grampa Grouse, and George King, but there are so many others that have written wonderful books on the subject.

For a long time, I have hoped to contribute something worthwhile to this wonderful sporting and literary tradition.  I’m excited to announce that my book, Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods, will soon be published by The History PressAugust 13, 2018, to be precise.

book photo

I started this project over five years ago.  There have been a few set backs along the way in getting it published but, as the saying goes, perseverance pays off.  The foreword was written by Mathew Soberg, the Editor of the Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine.  The book contains thirty-six chapters with essays on ruffed grouse and stories on ruffed grouse hunting in Idaho that are illustrated with numerous black and white and color photos and also artwork by renowned artists, Eldridge Hardie, Bob White, Ross B. Young, Peter Corbin, and up-and-comers, Jason S. Dowd and M.R. Thompson.  I especially love the cover, Chance for a Double-Ruffed Grouse by Eldridge Hardie.  I am humbled and honored to team up with these great men and I hope that my writing lives up to their talent.  I even contributed one meager drawing–a picture for the chapter, “Rip Van Winkle Was a Grouse Hunter.”   The book will be published as a softback, but should be very well-made and beautiful to look at.

Since I first announced the book on social media, many have asked me how they can preorder a copy.  You can already preorder the book on for $23.99.

For those interested in signed copies, however, I have decided to do a preorder of the book myself.  The number of books I order will be strictly based upon the number of preorders I receive.  The cost of the book plus shipping and handling will be $29.00 ($23.99 plus $5.01 shipping and handling).

If you are interested, please pay $29.00 through my PayPal Account at and make sure and leave your address.  I hope you love it!

Thanks in advance for your interest and for your ongoing support for the blog!

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  1. Anthony Higgans says:

    Could you please tell me all up cost to have it sent to Australia, I’m unable to hunt them but love reading about your upland hunting in the States.

    1. Send me an email at and we can work out the details of how to get this done! Thanks!

  2. arthur webster says:

    Yes i would like to buy one of your books.I live in victoria B.C
    Did you do a limited copy? Also do you have a number i can reach you at. AW

    1. Send me an email at and we can work out the details of how to make this happen. Thanks!

  3. Frank Cisneros says:

    Andrew , Can you sign my book ( To my good friend Frank Cisneros } I have been doing this for years I have made this request of several authors. The Idea came from the movie Rocky 2 when the nurse asked Rocky for an autograph for her son and asked can you sign { to my good friend } Someday my grand children will be surprised as to how many Author’s were my good friend. I can just send you a check for the book and shipping costs

    1. Frank, I’d be happy to oblige. Send me an email and I will reply with an address where to mail the check! Thanks!

  4. Tommy Ware says:

    I would love to have your book in my collection. Please tell me how to do so.

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