Pilgrims & a Great Adventure 

(In)Famous Gary Thompson from snowbound Wyoming and myself (& our 6 canine-cohorts) just returned from an adventurous pilgrimage on the Kansas and Colorado prairies.   We met up in Colorado last week and headed over to the Kansas grasslands to hunt wild birds before the predicted ice storms wreaked havoc on us.  We found some pretty decent coveys of scaled and bobwhite quail in great country with amazing dog work.  My two favorite memories in the field were Gary’s double over his pointer Lilly and my 7 month old setter pup Cinder making her very first stand on birds.  Dueling cockers is one of Gary and I’s favorite games to play…as we both have FB English cockers that are incredible bird dogs and a pleasure to hunt birds with.

We worked hard all day saturday and moved an honest 10 coveys of wild birds before deciding to escape out of Kansas and into Colorado to avoid the approaching ice storm.  We navigated down the first road west to get out of Dodge…rutted as hell too….the sun setting in the West as a bevy of scalies sailed over my Tacoma.  In Springfield, Colorado my tire sensor went off indicating loss of tire pressure from the left rear tire.   Gary and I changed the tire in a Walmart parking lot before heading to our final destination for the night.  We spent a day and a half chasing scaled quail on the Colorado prairie moving a total of 10 coveys enjoying specatular dog work.  Every time Gary and I get together it’s truly an adventure and I can’t wait til the next one.

Until our next adventure…

Setters Feathers…

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  1. Hanson says:

    Wished I had joined you two. Looks like a great trip, despite the minor hiccups.

    There are a few days left in the season, so keep your phone on…….

    1. birddogdoc says:

      Jay headed back next week wed you’re welcome to join me

  2. cgsansone says:

    Good looking site. Thank you. Very helpful information, especially appreciated given the number of Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices closed.

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