Birds and Dogs and Good Country


What a bird season we experienced here in Colorado and surrounding states…been a long time coming with 10 years of thirst throughout our bird country.  The final weekend in Kansas was surreal.  A quick recap of last weekend…it was kicked off with a speeding ticket in the thriving metropolis of Springfield, Colorado for going 44 in a 30 mph…which caused my wife and everyone that knows me to snicker because I am typically under the speed limit.  The sheriff was very kind and after scribbling and dishing the ticket out, he told me where the birds were the thickest on the Government’s land…best $145 spent this season.  We moved 40 coveys in 3 full days of hunting.  The snakes were even out as the temps teetered in the high 70’s.  My rescue setter Dannyboy pointed several coveys, retrieved and recovered lost birds.  Danny’s-lights shown this past weekend.  Danny is a bird dog!

To paraphrase Babcock…When you have good bird dogs and good birds in good country who needs to go off chasing elephants?  Not me!   This was the year of the quail comeback in my coverts.  Here’s to the perfect weather conditions and birds for the years to come!

Setter Feathers…


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  1. Birdhunter says:

    Excellent! Great pics!

    1. birddogdoc says:

      Thanks a lot Birdhunter!

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