Colorado Grouse’n

Odd year!  Dusky grouse season (generically known as blue grouse and still affectionately called so by me) began a week ago here in the Colorado high country.  The cover looks spectacular and there are berries & bugs galore….but where are the birds?  Higher or lower in elevation or were the spring rains to great for a decent chick hatch?

I spent two wonderful days at elevation in the grouse woods last week with some great people.  Dave and Kraig Kruger with their raw-boned Elhew pointers…the brothers being the same make as their dogs…and Dave D’Hulster from Michigan with his young string of cover dog setters….and fine setters they are (yes…I confess, I’m a cover dog English setter aficionado).

Bird dogs pointed some grouse and a few made their way into our pokes, but more importantly friendships were rekindled and forged upon a commonality…grand birds and dogs and fine guns.
I’m thankful for the opportunity to get out with my dogs and friends in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado!  Thanks heavens I’ve made it to another season.  Get out and enjoy your bird dogs and be safe.
See you on the prairies….setter feathers!


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  1. I love that mountain! I will never forget the day we went there, 7 years ago this month. Thank, pal.


  2. birddogdoc says:

    Walter I wish you were going with me this weekend to the North Park for sage chickens. We could stay at the same B&B and listen to the elk sing their September Song!!

  3. Eric Wieland says:

    Great article, Shawn. I enjoyed that a lot.

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