Jalapeño Sauerkraut


It’s the in-between season…time to throw dries for Arkansas River browns and daydream about birds and dogs and wild country. The Ark has been incredible fishing so far this spring minus the snow melt in the higher elevation. The caddis are present and this spring we’ve seen the best blue wing olive action I can remember. The true run off will begin in the next few weeks and will go on deep into June or early July this year. The snow pack in the head waters area is at 155% this year…good for the mountains and the river but tuff on us anglers.

I’ve been bitten by the canning bug and eating clean. Here is a recipe for Jalapeño Sauerkraut…cultured food is truly good for the gut and this recipe is delicious!

Make certain you use good sanitation and hygiene before starting the process.

Two medium heads of cabbage
Kosher salt or raw sea salt 1 tablespoon per head of cabbage
Jalapeños as many as you can handle!


Wash cabbage and slice it
Mix with salt in and bowl for about five minutes…squeezing the cabbage
Place Jalapeños on the bottom of a quart mason jar and the layer the cabbage and peppers


Place a smaller jar into the quart jar to pack the mixture down
This will get the juices to cover the entire mixture
You can add salt water brine to cover the mixture if necessary
Cover with cloth and let sit for 3 to 4 weeks. I started tasting the cabbage at 3 weeks
Once the flavor is satisfactory, spoon into a new clean jar and place into the fridge

Bon Appetit





See ya on the Colorado prairies

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