Happy New Year 2014

We wanted to thank all our readers and friends out there for following Upland Ways. We hope 2014 is a great year and that you all get to spend time in the fields and on the waters pursuing what we all live for. The season is just getting started here on the Colorado and Kansas prairies. I know many of you are knee deep in snow and the gunning season has come to an end. Pray that we make it in-between the crazies and onto the next golden gunning season of glorious September. God bless and happy New Year!

Setter Feathers


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  1. Tolson says:

    Howdy Boys
    I ended my Mt season in Fort Peck on Dec. 20th. The last day was -5, snowing and wind. I managed to get my 49th rooster and headed south pulling my travel trailer. Spent Christmas in Denver with our kids. Then to the San Carlos Indian reservation for a few days chasing scalies and now camped on lake Patagonia. Will hunt Mearns for 5 to 7 days and then one or two stops to hunt Gambles on our way home.
    It has been my best season in 20 years and hate to see it end. My Setter pup may be the best bird dog of the 20 or so I have shared my life with. I feel so blessed to have one more pup with so much potential.
    Take care and keep writing


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