Winter Wonderful Land & Scaled Quail

Winter has finally descended on Colorado. This past Wednesday, the front range was blanketed in snow with a forecast of clearing the follow morning. I was supposed to be hunting scaled quail that morning, but a cascade of circumstances ended me up at the office seeing sick pets…don’t get me wrong, I love being a veterinarian but I also love being on the prairie with my bird dogs chasing scaled quail. I texted SSG Josh that morning while waiting for the vet-nurse to get me for the next appointment…my message basically taunted Josh about a banner day prediction tomorrow when the skies cleared, so he’d better fake the flu and go chase scalies with me. Josh readily excepted the taunting, and it was decided I’d pick him up in the morning.

The Colorado Prairie

The roads were fairly decent that morning until I got into Colorado Springs. I slid through a busy intersection while turning onto the road to Josh’s house…luckily the rest of the population was smart enough to stay off the roads and there was no one in the intersection. The rest of the trip was non-eventful. Josh and I were slightly disappointed at the lack of snow on the prairie when we arrived at our destination. We piled out of the Tacoma and were met with the blistering cold. Minus five can sure sting bare skin.

20131208-124826.jpgGrouse River Gretchen

It wasn’t long before the dogs were into birds…it wasn’t as glorious as we’d dreamt of the day before…fresh quail tracks in the snow everywhere…but the dogs were able to scent birds and point a few for the guns. The shooting was a little tough for the two of us because of the extra clothing and thick gloves…but it sure beat the heck out of being at work. Josh and I ate our delicious lunch as the sun set on the Colorado prairie…cold and tired…it doesn’t get much better.







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