Gary Thompson from Silk Lines and Paper Hulls invited me last weekend to come to Sheridan, Wyoming to chase sharp-tailed grouse and huns.  I was scheduled to meet Dale Herden from Lo Banks in north-central Kansas, but my friend Sterling called and said it was pretty pathetic…in fact, he never fired a shot opening weekend hunting on private property.  I left Denver traffic and eased into windy Wyoming late Thursday evening not sure what to expect.  Anyone that’s driven down the I-80 Wyoming corridor would consider Wyoming a desolate waste of space…space for antelope and sage chickens and wind turbines.  North Central Wyoming is awesome!  The Big Horns are spectacular…and there’s plenty of wild life to gawk over.  Gary and I saw some incredible bucks (antelope, mule deer and white-tailed) while wandering chokecherry draws and climbing rocking slopes.  What an incredible experience…we covered 15 to 16 miles on foot per day while the bird dogs did 4 times that.  Gary used an Garmin Astro 220 on his dogs…now I understand its value in the field.  Below are some images from my Wyoming trip.

ImageHere’s Gary in search of wild birds

ImageThe Big Horns in the background

ImageGrouse River Gretchen on a hun covey

ImageGary with a ST grouse

ImageGary with a hun

ImageEllie my FB English Cocker retrieving a hun

ImageAYA and hun


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