Upland Ways: Red Letter Days and Upland Ways

Grouse River Gretchen on Colorado Blue Grouse
Grouse River Gretchen on Colorado Blue Grouse

My brother Andy and I decided to start a new blog together and concentrate on the uplands and streams of the American West…we’re excited to collaborate together, and we hope in return our readers will have a greater appreciation of the uplands here in the West.  We’re not advocating that people (become Nimrods) take up the rod and gun and move West with bird dogs a tote.  We hope you enjoy our adventures and tall-tales!  I will continue to post in Setter Feathers from time to time…but Andy and I will focus on our new endeavor Upland Ways.  Andy’s first post  THE COWBOY AND THE HIPPIE GO HUNTING  is now online for your enjoyment!  Have a great Fall season!

Setter Feathers…




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