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Seasons’ Greetings! I’m excited to report that my latest article, “Winter Eclipse,” is now available for viewing on The Backcountry Journal website, which is the brain child of Ben Smith. Kudos to Ben for the quality of writing and photography that has already graced this fairly new project. It’s an honor to be a part of it. This is my second article published The Backcountry Journal.

Below is a little teaser from the intro of “Winter Eclipse” to pique your interest:

Winter in Idaho feels like lock down to me. I realize the calendar says that Winter does not officially start until December 20th, but try telling that to Ol’ Man Winter. Come November, he already rules over Idaho with a frigid, iron fist. As an outdoorsman, Idaho becomes a frozen landscape during this harsh season and days suitable for fishing and hunting become few and far between. I’ve written before that me and Winter are not friends, but mere acquaintances.

Despite the icy grip that Winter holds on the uplands, hunting seasons are still open and, due to the fact that the autumn flies by so quickly, I’m not ready to hang up the hunting vest for the year just yet. My restless dogs still yearn for more days afield too. So I try to brave the elements and make a few attempts at hunting in December and January, mostly unsuccessful.

This past weekend, a friend and hunting companion, Matt Lucia, and I planned a hunt for valley quail in Western Idaho. In order to get in a day’s worth of hunting, we would have to leave Pocatello at 4:00 a.m. The news predicted the coming of a lunar eclipse starting at 5:45, so Matt and I were in perfect position to have some entertainment as we made our way across Idaho that early morning. . . .

To read more follow this LINK.

I am sure that the followers of Upland Equations will appreciate The Backcountry Journal. Be sure and check it out!

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