>God Made Birddogs Tuff…

>My quail-bum friend & I exchanged texts today that went something on the lines like this…

birddogdoc: How many coveys did you move today?

Quail-bum: No hunting today. Dogs are 3 legged and a lot of swelling and feet are sore.

birddogdoc: Liar…I know you! So, how many coveys?

Quail-bum: No really, hunted a pasture last night with lots of cactus.

birddogdoc: Oh, so what you’re saying is that ur dogs are wussies?!?!?!?!

Quail-bum: I guess if sixty-six coveys and ninety-nine miles in 8 days makes them wussies, then they are pure wussies.

birddogdoc: Touchée…God made birddogs tuff!

The truth is 75 different coveys in 8 days, but Quail-bum was never one to be a braggart or exaggerate…if I told you where this wealth of quail country was, I’d end up at the bottom of a well with cement boots…honest injun!

This conversation got me thinking about how tough our birddogs really are…they’d gladly pay a pound of flesh to pursue birds with a smile.

I just returned from the land of OZ…pursuing said birds. To paraphrase my favorite author on bobwhite quail, Havilah Babcock…I don’t want to shoot an elephant when there’s gentleman Bob so close to home.

Here are some photos from my recent trip…see ya on the prairie!

Setter Feathers…

Wonderful eats on the Kansas prairie
Tanner and Josh with a grand bag of bobwhite

Great quail habitat

Gretchen nailing a covey

Tanner walking in on a single
A morning’s treasure
Sterling’s lil’ house on the Kansas prairie
Gep on a single

If these walls could talk

ROOSTER right here!

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  1. >Well, dag-nab-it, Doc, I could handle that country. Flat and most of those fields look like overgrown golf course fairways. Only problem is I need someone to drive me there. If the arthritis bug bites even driving is problematic.What a wonderful place to spend your days afield!

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