>Coveys on the Prairie Wind

>The windswept Colorado prairie is home to many creatures great and small…antelope, mule deer, pat rats, jack rabbits and most importantly, scaled quail. Double gun, bamboo, and birddog affectionado Gary Thompson from Silk Lines & Paper Hulls and I set out to the eastern Colorado plains in search of the proclaimed elusive bird of the cholla and greasewood prairies.

We burned up boot leather and blistered our heals…the hues off the horizon changed from cobalt to varying shades of gray as we pressed onward across the prairie with birddogs a running. We had some solid, honest dog work among the rhythmic metallic clanks of the windmills.

Below are some photos from our successful day…


Gary Thompson

Grouse River Gretchen backing Gep’s covey find
Gary walking in on a point

The end of a perfect day
Gretchen pointing a covey

Setter Feathers…

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  1. Eric G says:

    >Shawn,I know they are different birds, but I finally killed my first Bobwhite Quail on Monday in Kansas. Rod and I went to Kansas with some neighbors that have been going to Kansas for years. We had a great time, but the bird numbers were not what I had expected with all the great reviews and hype about Kansas being the best it has been in 20 years. We worked our butts off everyday and saw a few coveys of quail and a few pheasants everyday. Have you been out to Kansas yet this year. I told Rod you go out there a lot and he was bummed that I didn't tell him early so he could try to get you out there with us. Anyway it looks like your having a great time chasing quail in Colorado.

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