>Red, White, Blue & Greenbacks!


What a day with blue bird skies. It started with some bird dog conditioning on rocky terrain trying to get them (and their feet) in shape (& me!) for our 2 week trip to Idaho this October to chase grouse, chukars, huns and valley quail. Followed by a trip to Barry’s Den at Texas Creek on the Arkansas…Spanish Omelet and browns on stimulators and emerging pale morning duns and yellow sallies as droppers. Could it get any better than that? I rushed back to the cabin to relieve the bird dogs and get a quick snack. What the heck…it’s the 4th, why not fish my favorite creek for Colorado greenbacks and brook trout! The creek was still a little high from the run off, but it was gin-clear, and the fish were ready to smile and get their pictures on the blog.

Walter had left me a text message to go all out and spoil myself today…see what’s cooking at our favorite restaurant in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Westcliffe, Colorado…Cel Dor Asado. Amy & Kelley spoiled me with marinaded buffalo with pineapple, potatoes, and asparagus all grilled over hot coals. Unbelievable! Rounded out with apple crisp also made on the coals and drowned in vanilla bean ice cream! To top it off, the Rockies won this afternoon after 15 innings! What a wonderful Independence Day! I’m grateful to be an American and live in this country!

Tomorrow’s another day…where it takes me, only time can tell! I’m sure the bird dogs know!

Setter Feathers…

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Glad you had a good day!  Loved the pictures, especially of that tasty looking food.

  2. >Ah, you're a creek man. Are you familiar with Grape Creek? You appear to spend a lot of time around the lower stretches of the Arkansas. If you aren't, you should give it a try.

  3. >I sure wish I had seen those greenbacks. But the valley and Amy's restaurant, and your good company, made up for some slippery old fish anyway. I hope I can come back some day. Only God and arthritis will tell.

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