>Upland Sporting Literature

>I’ve been collecting bird dog books now for 13 years…and many of my hunting partners and closest friends have been trying to get me to disclose my gundog book source. After L-O-N-G thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to give you all the information now that I have all of GBE’s books (11 years in the making). They are a great resource…

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Shawn, The secret is out! That is one awesome book store. hehehe. Congrats on completing you GBE collection. Andy

  2. Dual Setters says:

    >Good collection Shawn, one Id like to have myself. So far Grouse Along the Tramroad is my favorite.

  3. >New masthead photo? Kansas deer?

  4. dennis says:

    >I am still working on my GBE collection. He is my favorite. None express the soul connection with the setters and the game that he hunted. The collecting and reading of classic upland hunting (and bird dog training) literature enhances our tradition of upland hunting and bird dogs.

  5. dennis says:

    >Shawn.I'm reading "Pheasants of the Mind" by Datus C Proper for the second time. Try it, I think it should be on your favorites list.Dennis Hammett

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