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  1. >Seems like it just started. I am so very sorry that I missed it. I pray that I can make it once more this fall. Maybe if Joanne can help me drive and we go in November before the weather gets really wicked???If you'll have us for a few days???Keep your chin up!

  2. Andy W. says:

    >In between the crazies means it's almost time to break out the fly rod . . . to succomb to our other addiction, Trout Madness. Oh yeah, and throw in some turkey hunting for good measure. There's much to look forward to. Andy

  3. Dual Setters says:

    >Been a week here and Im already going stir crazy. I hope you all find solace on the streams or hearing a gobble. Great pictures again, love the new banner.

  4. Steve Zerza says:

    >Great photos and beautiful dogs. Love the pointing breeds and the tradition of upland hunting. -Steve in Boise

  5. >You guys get the best pictures! I really enjoy them, so I've signed up for this site too!

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