>Kansas Coveys on the Course

>Here are some photos from a recent Kansas trip. Golf courses make for great bird habitat! The dogs had a great time, and we found some pretty decent coveys this late in the season. This time of year, we spend more time counting birds then shooting at them. The 2009-2010 is winding down out here…I’m hoping to make at least one more trip this season here in Colorado.

There’s nothing better on this earth then following a pointing dog looking for birds!

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  1. >Looks like another great hunt with wonderful 4 legged friends. Our hunting is done for now here in OR. Look forward to the Spec hunt in late Feb. Hope you get that one last trip in!

  2. >Very cool trip report. I loved the pictures!

  3. Dale Hernden says:

    >Love the pictures. Like the new header picture too.

  4. >I've heard of birdies and eagles on golf courses but never "quailies". Is this a new trend?

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