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>Happy holidays to all…I hope 2010 is all you can hope and imagine for! I’ve enjoyed all the friendships I’ve made through Birddogdoc’s Chronicles! Enjoy the gunning season & I hope you all get out in the uplands with your bird dogs in tote! Be safe and always put your four legged partners first!

New Years Eve was spent counting coveys with quail dogs in cholla choked country with a good client and friend, Tom Joswick. Doc, Tom’s Rick Smith Brittany, is a very bid-able bird dog…and a pleasure to walk behind. Couldn’t have asked for better birddoggin’ weather and company. The dogs found a few scaled quail in their homes although the shooting was less than desirable! The birds were a bonus for an already perfect day with thick brisket sandwiches and dark chocolate.

Next up…the Kansas prairies with pointing dogs! Oh yah…least forget the little devil dog…Ellie the FB English cocker.

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >I hope the weather cooperates and you have a great trip to KS. I'll be soooooo jealous.

  2. HD55 says:

    >I have only just come across your blog and it looks really interesting. Quite a contrast to the landscape I work my dogs in. When I get a moment I will take a better look and work back through past posts.With best wishesHowardwww.ceiriog.wordpress.com

  3. HD55 says:

    >Hi againI just noticed that you have a link to my Pointer Training Diary to the right of your page. The link points to the what I effectively use as a back up site and consequently is only updated sporadically. Any chance of updating the link to the wordpress site (www.ceiriog.wordpress.com)?This site is the one I update regularly and may be more interesting for your readers.You have a great site here. Keep up the good work.Best wishesHoward

  4. Andy W. says:

    >Shawn, That sure is a nice looking Brittany. How did it hunt? Andy

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