Bustin’ D. Dusty Devlins

After reading Andy’s tribute posts to Dusty (below), I was reminded of a photo I have of Dusty on point. Andy and I were hunting valley quail on this day in Idaho. This photo is of Dusty on point on an enormous covey of quail! Dusty did have some days where he shined brightly! I’m sure it had to do with the fox trotter that clocked him in the melon! He definitely had a few loose screws…why do you think I gave him to Andy?

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  1. Andy W. says:

    Shawn, Thanks for posting that picture with Dusty on point. Of course, you have to double click on it to see his style. The distance of you from Dusty is direct evidence of Dusty's tendency to hunt for Dusty. I do recall that he had a pretty good day that day. That was before you gave him to me. Andy

  2. Good ol' Dusty bottoms……..Cool write ups Andy and Shawn!!

  3. Andy W. says:

    Another thought I had about Dusty was that watching him point was often like watching your favorite pro team from the nose-bleed section. Andy

  4. Gee, Andy, maybe Shawn will give you another? Just make sure it will stay in the same township with you, you know, a close hunting dog. Ha.Love the Dusty stories. Having known him and witnessed one or two of his capers nothing from his past surprises me at all.Happy New Year big guy.

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