>Charamba is a traditional Portuguese dance from the XIXth century…it is an elegant, graceful dance, and it reminds me of pointing dogs and birds…of course, birds being quail. Quail in this case are of the scaled variety.

Today, I fixed the birds from Thursday one of my favorite ways…and yes, it’s from a box! I usually leave the birds undrawn and in full feathers in the fridge for several days before I prepare them for the table. Zatarain’s has several choices, but my favorite is the chicken creole. I follow the recipe on the back but add a can of Rotel’s (Original) instead of the diced tomatoes. The Rotel’s gives it a little extra spice to it. I also add my favorite sausage and shrimp to the mix. Combine it with your favorite side dish and beverage!

Bon appétit!

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >My mouth is watering.

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