>Bird Dogs & Optimism


Have you ever noticed that bird dogs like their upland addict counterparts are an optimistic lot? We continue to trudge on & on in order to discover birds on the next hill & dale…or over on the cholla flats F-I-V-E miles from where you are currently standing. Tongue’s tough like boot leather, stuck to roof of our craw…but we do it, cause we know there will be birds and an explosion of feathers at the proverbial end. Of course, only after a heart-stopping-stylish-steal-your-breath-away point!

Today was one such day! Mark Kastler and I headed out early this morning to find some Colorado scaled quail with our optimistic partners eagerly in tote. We, optimistically, walked the first 4 hours in a brisk Colorado breeze leaning forward…onward we trudge, but no birds! Finally, after what seemed like the 11th hour of wondering if there were even a scaled quail to be found, Mark’s Brittany, Ranger, slammed into a point…just about tilted over! We Found birds by golly …knew that we would being the optimists that we are! In fact, we spent the magic hours mesmerized by the dog work and plenty of birds!

The dogs are what keep me going…suspicious, optimistic, trusting, loyal, feisty, & loving. What more could a person ask for in companionship? Give me a bird dog any day of the week!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy W. says:

    >Glad you guys finally found some birds. Good post!Andy

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >The birds had bands. Tell us about the banding program. Who? why? Do you send them in?

  3. danontherock says:

    >Great post. I find that the scarcer the bird the more determined i am to put mile behind me. Nice pictures as wellregardsdan

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