>William G. Tapply 1940-2009: Loss of a Great Outdoor Writer!

I read with great sadness last night of the loss of one of my favorite outdoors writers of all times, William G. Tapply. I hadn’t heard the news until yesterday when I picked up the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of American Angler and read the news on the Editor’s Page.

Bill’s writing touched many outdoor sports-peoples lives. He was one of the last links to bird hunting legends like H. G. (“Tap”) Tapply, Gorham L. Cross (aka Grandpa Grouse) and Grouse Poet Laureate himself Burton Spiller. More information can be read about the life of Bill by going to his website (CLICK HERE).

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Bill Tapply is, no doubt, one of the greatest outdoor writers that ever lived. He will be greatly missed by this fisherman/hunter! Hope he runs into Corey Ford, Burt Spiller and Tap Tappley on the other side!Andy

  2. >I knew his father through an exchange of letters way back in the 60s when he was doing his Tapp's Tips column. He was a great gentleman. He obviously passed that on to his son. He will be greatly missed around here. Few of today's writers have the roots he had in the traditional soil of our upland heritage. His values are fast disappearing to a generation that thinks grouse hunting is done from an ATV!

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