>Grousing for Trout!

>Today was my first chance to chase blue grouse in colorful Colorado this season. It was an awesome day. It felt great to be alive in the uplands & listening to that familiar clank-clank of the dogs’ bells and getting reacquainted with my ol’ Spanish love affair…my AYA 453 box lock. We didn’t find the grouse where I saw them a month ago, but it was a wonderful day none-the-less! The dogs are in good shape…Summer conditioning has certainly paid off! Saturday they will be turned loose on the wide open sage brush prairie of north central Colorado in pursuit of purple bombers…sage chickens!

I did manage to toss a few stimulators at greenback cutthroats and brook trout on my very favorite small steam…what more could a nimrod ask for? NOTHING…except maybe to bag the farmer’s beautiful daughter…but that’s a whole another chapter altogether!

I’ll be seeing ya on the prairies! Be safe and put your dogs’ needs and safety above everything else!

Colorado Greenback Cutthroat

Great Grouse Foods

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >I enjoyed your post. Those are some beautiful trout. Gotta love Ellie!

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >What could be better than bird dogs and trout? probably nothing!

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