>Blue Grouse & Greenbacks: Although Stimulating, Not a Part of Washington’s “Stimulus Package”!

>What a glorious day! Karen and I decided to get away for the afternoon and do some hiking. Hiking, for the sake of hiking, can be a little monotonous…but hiking behind a couple of bird dogs and carrying your favorite smooth bore or fly rod is entirely different! Today it was a 4 weight Sage VT2 and the bird dogs…the best of both worlds! What a spectacular day in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado. The dogs found a good family brood of blue grouse to my surprise, and I caught a few dozen hungry Greenback Cutthroat trout…what more could you ask for on a beautiful Colorado August day? Only a few more weeks until grouse season opens here! Until then, there’s more hungry trout to toss dries to!

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  1. >Can't beat a day like that. beautiful fish, birds, scenery, happy dogs and people. I'd say how good can you stand it?

  2. Andy W. says:

    >Brother, I love days like that . . . Spiritual!!! The name of those mountains suits it perfectly. Good post. Andy

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