>The girls and I have made many great memories this year chasing birds! I wanted to share something I experienced this weekend…the poorest form of sportsmanship I’ve ever witnessed! Mark Volk wrote a story about some guys from another hunting party walking in on someones dog on point and shooting the grouse when it flushed. I read that and thought to myself that it wasn’t possible!
This past Saturday in NC Kansas I had a similar experience! I was down in a creek bottom after walking 2 miles into the place. I thought that there were no other people around, and I had the place to myself. I realized that Gretchen was missing, so I headed up out of the creek bottom and found here on point at a nice plum thicket. I pulled my camera from my shirt pocket about the same time 3 guys ran over and flushed the covey, and blazed away at them as they departed up the hill. They paid no attention to me or even acknowledged my presence! They took their 6 dogs and went after the singles! I grabbed my dogs and headed straight out of that WIHA! As I write this, I still can’t believe what happened!

We still had a great trip…Andy and Eric were supposed to be hunting with me…that’s a whole another story! Next year will be the year I take Eric out to chase quail with his bird dog. I have one more short trip to Kansas planned for this week…and then I’m headed to southern AZ to celebrate the Super Bowl while chasing Mearn’s quail. Then I have to spend the next few months making up to Karen for all my time anyway from home…it’s been a great Fall/Winter season!

Dilapidated Dreams

This photo is of my Elhew Pointer Gep on a nice covey find. Click on the photo and see the intensity on her face…I knew she had a covey!

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >Unbelievable the gall of some people………All that cover WITHOUT snow looks so good!When karen says “Thats it” send Gep my way.Dale

  2. Deer Passion says:

    >People like that make my blood boil.. grrr…. Glad the trip was still good tho!

  3. Mike Spies says:

    >Shawn, I find it hard to explain how some ‘sportsmen’ derive sport from observing their actions. Mybe their mamas didn’t raise them right.Seems like you had the better dog that day, though. Not surprising.

  4. >Shawn, Sportsmen like that make us all look bad. I’m sure that most sportsmen agree that personal ethics while hunting is a must. I wish I could have been there to see Gepp’s intensity in person. Andy

  5. Dual Setters says:

    >Sorry you had to go through that Shawn, but at least it was towards the end of a great season. Its good to know that the good folk out number the bad.

  6. Matt Ortiz says:

    >Shawn,And that had to happen on one of the last days of your season.Matt

  7. Tim Spach says:

    >It’s diffacult to escape the “me first” mentality these days…. There used to be an element of etiquette associated with bird hunting that has been forgotten.

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