>Great Posts in Bloggerland!


There are some great posts out there in Bloggerland that I wanted to share with everyone. Mike Spies from Living with Birddogs (Click Here)wrote a great piece on Approaching a dog on Point! I think he’s done that a time or two! Great post Mike!

One of my favorite blogs to read (Click Here)of dual setters, grouse dogs, & such has written some great stories on grouse dogs with some great bird dog photographs. For anyone who enjoys grouse dogs and grouse hunting, I would highly recommend reading those stories!

News from the home front…We found Walter a very nice 2 & 1/2 year old white and liver Pointer bitch! She has aristocratic blood…but was raised by a band of Brittanies! We’re excited to see here cover Colorado’s North Park in search of Sage Chickens this coming Fall! Pride’s Father and Grandpa are seen above! Walter’s great post’s can be viewed (Click Here)at Upland Equations.

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  1. Dual Setters says:

    >Thanks for the compliment and introducing me to some more great blogs Shawn. I had originally intended to follow the development of two long awaited puppies that never happened so decided to explore some writing possibilities instead. I never knew that Bloggerland had such a large Bird Dog neighborhood.Bill Reid

  2. >Great Blog and thanks for the link. Really appreciate you sending some traffic in my direction. Closing in on the bird season, so I will be reporting on quail hunting in South Texas soon.Cheers, Will from Blues Booze Books and Bobs

  3. Mike Spies says:

    >i enjoy your blog Shawn. Thanks for your kind review of my effort.More as hunting and trial season moves ahead.

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